Just remember: even if you can’t slay dragons and shoot fireballs from your hands, you can step over small objects in your path, and that makes you more badass than a lot of video game characters.

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I’m just trying to get lunch, not have an existential crisis.

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Brave heart, Clara.
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London based artist - Emma McNally took her degree in English and Philosophy and as an artist is self-taught, developing a subtle drawing style which fuels the complex mark-making of her large works in graphite on paper. She also works on a small scale, layering tissue paper and pouncing holes in the surface.

‘I like graphite’s materiality: its mess and dirt as well as its capacity to leave the cleanest, sharpest percussive marks and lines. I feel like I’m forging land formations when I use it, or scattering particles, or spiralling vortices of smoke and water,’ she writes. 


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OUAT: a summary

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This is a photoset of life-like digital paintings of some of the Shingeki no Kyojin cast made by the brilliant trixdraws. (S)he’s currently selling prints of these paintings hereTrix’s stuff is incredible and I highly recommend checking out the other stuff on both websites. (S)he has his/her own amazing original art and also does commissions!

Aaaaaaw they’re all together now :’>

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Katmai Crater - Mount Katmai, Alaska, Katmai National Park

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Something good, something bad? Bit of both?

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make me choose
↳ taystee or poussey (asked by mybodywakesup)

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R.Lutece - Raffle 1902

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