signed M. Rittershoffer or Rittershofler ? - Pink Roses. 1888.

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countries all around the world are praising malala yousafzai and awarding her the nobel prize while bombing the very people she’s trying to save god the irony

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Five Fascinating Beaches Around the World

Glass Beach - Fort Bragg, California

Fort Bragg residents used to throw their garbage (including glass bottles) over a cliff onto the beach before it was outlawed in 1967. Over the decades the waves and sand have broken down the glass into smooth, rounded pieces.
(Photo: mlhradio/Flickr)

Jokulsarlon Lake - Iceland

The glacial lake is located in the Vatnajokull National Park, and the shore is filled with huge pieces of ice resting on black volcanic sand. But what really makes this beach unique is that during the winter, it is the perfect place to see the breathtaking northern lights.
(Photo: Ingo Meironke/Flickr)

Bowling Ball Beach - Schooner Gulch, California

The rocks at the Schooner Gulch State Beach are almost perfectly round due to a natural process called concretion.
(Photo: John K/Flickr)

Shell Beach - Shark Bay, Australia

This beach is home to billions of coquina bivalve shells instead of fine grains of sand. The water has a high salt concentration that attracts the shelled creatures.
(Photo: Stefan L/Flickr)

Maldives Beach - Republic of the Maldives

This beach in the Maldives lights up at night, thanks to microscopic organisms called bioluminescent phytoplankton. The organisms respond to changes in the water. Any movement will leave an impressive trail of bluish lights.
(Photo: Exilism/Flickr)


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Who thought of the name Titanic? Was it you, Bruce?
Yes, actually. I wanted to convey sheer size, and size means stability, luxury, and above all, strength.

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Black manuscripts - actually on parchment that was painted black - are amongst the rarest manuscripts we have. At the end of the fifteenth century at the court of Burgundy they were popular for a while. Well known is the black hours in the Morgan Library, but barely known is the black manuscript in Brussels (KB 9085) with dance melodies. On a black ground the notes were drawn in silver while the text was written in gold. Underneath the golden text, silvery letters indicate the dance steps.

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It’s called Winterguard. It’s a sport. Those girls are marching band color-guard girls during the summer touring season, and during the winter they compete against other color-guard teams to music. Costumes, props, mats, everything has to be carried onto the gym floor and then taken back away and counts as part of your performance time. 

So when Family Guy or other popular media makes fun of color-guard girls, it pisses me off. We are not rejected cheerleaders. We are what you see above. We kick ass. We spin rifles and flags and sabers. 


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Gustav Klimt
Fischblut 1898

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Song: Break The Chain
Artist: Oh Land
Album: Oh Land


Oh Land - Break The Chain

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Rachel Rostad - “Names”

Absolutely incredible. 

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one of my favorite episodes from atla was where this whole village hated avatars because they thought that kyoshi murdered this guy a long time ago and the whole gang spends the entire episode finding all this evidence that she never did it but the village doesnt believe them and it looks like aangs going to be found guilty but finally near the end her spirit appears to everyone and shes like yeah i killed that guy he was a dick

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